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State-of-the-art cockpit wheel autopilot system for sailing vessels up to 18,700lbs (8,500kg)

The S1 Wheel Pilot is the successor to the popular ST4000 Plus Wheel drive system. The new S1 system uses the versatile ST6002 control head combined with the S1 SmartPilot course computer for maximum performance. Permanently installed and fully enclosed, this is a drive system that delivers the convenience and performance of an inboard autopilot. Gone are the obstructive and untidy belts and wires of conventional wheel autopilots. The S1 Wheel pilot system is a patented solution that gives you a wheel drive that you can engage or disengage at the kick of a lever. A rear-mounted plug enables the drive unit to be detached for service or security reasons, without disturbing the wiring harness.

  • Convenient wheel mounted cockpit autopilot for sailing vessels
  • Fully enclosed MkII wheel-drive delivers below deck autopilot performance
  • Simple clutch engagement mechanism
  • Easy-to-install
  • Remotely mounted ST6002 control head
  • The ST6002 repeats up to 15 pages of user-defined navigation data from Raymarine SeaTalk instruments and/or NMEA 0183 compatible devices

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