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Handy Duck Boat Hook - Hook Only

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Handy Duck Boat Hook -  Hook Only 

The Handy Duck is a quick mooring hook but what makes it unique is the simple release.  

  • Made of a hard plastic composite
  • Breaking strain of 1.5 tonnes
  • Jaw aperture of 30mm
  • Clip on
  • Easy release


Instructions for Use

1.   Tie your mooring line onto the Handy Duck.
2.   Fix the Handy Duck to the Handy Duck boat hook.
3.   Attach the Handy Duck onto the mooring ring just by pulling it.
4.   Release the Handy Duck from its boat hook with a sharp tug. Your boat is now securely moored.
5.   To leave your mooring, simply slip your boat hook into the Handy Duck trigger and pull! Handy Duck will release the mooring ring.
6.   Alternatively to slip your mooring from a distance, thread a light line through the trigger eye and pull.
The trigger mechanism can be locked with a cotter pin or padlock.

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