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Powermonkey Exteme Black Solar or USB Smart Phone Charger

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Powermonkey Exteme Black Solar or USB Smart Phone Charger.  Ref15:  BA-POWPMEXT003

  • Waterproof for 30mins up to 1metre , Shock Resistant - ideal for Marine Environment
  • When used with additional Aquastrap it will be kept watertight whilst charging devices
  • 9000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery - holds 70% of its charge for up to 12months
  • Power Bank can be charged from mains and holds enough charge to recharge an iPhone 4 times
  • Comes with Solar Array for charging remotely - MPPT allows efficient charging in low light conditions
  • Powerbank can be charged by solar at the same time as recharging devices
  • Powerbank has separate 5v USB and 12v DC port which can be used at the same time
  • Friction switch on/off can be operated with gloved hand, auto shut off feature
  • LCD screen shows power status of the powerbank
  • Supplied with a range of connectors and leads
  • up to 1 metre and shock resistant - perfect for the outdoor, marine & adventure enthusiast, as well as military & aid agencies. When used in conjunction with the aquastrap, the powermonkey extreme will be kept watertight whilst it charges your devices.
  • The powermonkey extreme can be recharged in three ways; via the universal mains charger, via the solar panel or via USB. Whilst the unit is recharging, the LCD screen will be red, once fully charged, the screen will turn green. When the unit is in use, the screen will be blue!
  • The powermonkey extreme is capable of charging iPads and tablets too. iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad mini can be plugged directly into the extreme's USB socket via customer's Apple-supplied white sync/charge cable and will recharge up to 2 times depending on the model of your iPad. The iPad 4 has slightly different charging requirements and so the 2013 powermonkey extreme includes a gorilla-pad adaptor specifically for this model. The gorilla-pad plugs into the 12V DC socket and is used together with customer's Apple sync/charge cable to charge iPad 4. You can also use the gorilla-pad for the other iPads/tablets or to give yourself another 5V USB socket if required
  • You may also want to consider the aquastrap - a clever accessory designed specifically for the powermonkey extreme to keep it watertight whilst it charges your devices!

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