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Marlec Spectralite 5 - 5W 12V Solar Panel

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Marlec Spectralite 5 - 5 Watt 12 Volt


  • Panels can be gently flexed to follow the smooth curve on a coach or boat roof

Rugged, durable construction

  • Sturdy fiberglass shell protected by a scratch-proof clear Tedlar skin
Slim and lightweight
  • No metal outer components to damage the surfaces to which they are fitted
  • Each panel has 4 grommet finished holds for affixing


  • The efficient and stable polycrystalline solar cells are encapsulated between 2 tough outer layers
  • The whole panel is weatherproof and carries a 2-year limited warranty

Built-in diode to control current

  • Prevents current from flowing out of the battery during darkness
  • So you can connect Spectra panels directly to the battery

Simple and maintenance-free

  • A solar regulator prevents overcharge if the system is left unattended for long periods or if the minimum ratio of 10W of solar panel to every 100Ah of battery is exceeded.

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