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Marine Scene - price match promise

Stainless Steel Clamp On Rod Holder with White End           Ref19: AAA-54080 

It's time to go fishing in style and with confidence.

Every fisherman follows the same dream, a peaceful day out in the sea. The birds are singing, the wave whooshes against the side of your boat and the rod string tugs along with it. All is perfect. That is of course, if you have this product. To find peace, you'll need stability. This stainless steel is a match for the creatures of the sea. It's tough, it's stylish and it can hold your fishing rod for as long as you like, while you rest and waiting for that perfect moment.

Buy this Rod Holder with no hesitation and take on the guardian of the sea!

230mm(L) for Dia 19.1mm to 25.4mm Rails. 

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