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The Pilot mini gas alarm has a single gas alarm. It has one gas detection sensor on a 3.5 metre length of 3-core cable. The unit draws 98 milliamps at standby rising to 100 milliamps in the event of an alarm. 

Dimensions: 35mm x 53mmx 100mm.


Pilot gas alarms are powered directly by a 12V battery. They sense and give an alarm for LPG, butane and propane. The units are not calibrated for diesel fumes and petrol vapour but these will be detected at higher concentrations. Sensors should be fitted as low as possible but must not get wet.  They are important and effective safety equipment and are complimented by the solenoid gas shut-off valve available with some specifications . All units are 12V as standard and are available for 24V to special order

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