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  • Perfection Plus is a clear, two-part polyurethane varnish that will preserve the natural beauty of any wood.
  • Based on the same resin system as our Perfection Finish product, Perfection Plus has been developed to enable the DIY-user to achieve truly professional results.
  • With prolonged chemical and abrasion resistance and superior UV protection, Perfection Plus provides an exceptional gloss finish, both on application and in service, for the ultimate in long-lasting aesthetic results.
  • Its unique package of HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers) and UV absorbers provides protection and gloss retention that lasts up to four times longer than conventional one-part varnish products.
  • Perfection Plus can be applied to all woods, including oily timbers such as teak after adequate preparation and degreasing (Thinner No.9 is recommended for this).
  • Perfection Plus can also be applied over Clear Wood Sealer Fast Dry.

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