For more than 40 years Teleflex Marine has continued to offer innovative products and developed new technology.

Couple this with a strong focus on customer needs, makes Teleflex equipment the choice of boat builders and dealers worldwide.

Teleflex Marine strive to develop the technology for tomorrow, whilst respecting and supporting the technology of today. All Teleflex mechanical systems exceed A.B.Y.C Safety Standards and ISO/N.M.M.A Certification requirement and feature S/S cable output ends.


A dashboard-mounted gearbox to which the steering wheel and cable are connected. Turning the wheel and cable are connected. Turning the wheel turns gears in the helm and moves the mechanical steering cable, which in turn moves the engine through its steering arc, by means of a steering connection kit.


A dashboard trim piece that covers helm mounting hardware, takes up the space between steering wheel hub and dash, and provides additional steering shaft support.

Steering Cable:

A mechanical push-pull cable assembly connected at one end to the helm and the other end to the engine or rudder. The cable transfers motion from the helm to linear motion at the engine tiller arm or rudder.

How to measure your steering cable.

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