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Primers & Undercoats

Ask any boat painting professional and he'll tell you that you cannot 'work down' to a high quality finish - you have to 'work up' and that means care and attention to preparation of the surface prior to applying topcoats.  Marine Scene, Cardiff for Hempel / Blakes Primers:  Hempel / Blakes Underwater Primer, Hempel / Blakes Grey Metallic Wood Primer, Hempel / Blakes Primer & Undercoat, Hempel / Blakes Epoxy Primer Undercoat, Hempel / Blakes Gelprotect SFE200.  


Antifouling Primer

Antifouling Primer

Antifouling Primers specifically developed for use with antifouling paints.

International Primers

International Primers

International Primers: International Interprotect Primer, International Primocon, International Yacht Primer, International VC Tar, International Etch Primer, International Gelshield 200.


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Hempel / Blakes 2.5Ltr High Protect II
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Hempel / Blakes 2.5 Litre High Protect II

Hempel's High Protect is a solvent free two component high build epoxy. For use above and below the waterline. An excellent osmosis protection or treatment which can be applied at, and will dry to, a very high film thickness. Can be a substitute for Light Primer where solvent emissions are a consideration. Do not thin.


  • Cream  - HP-35780-24700
  • Grey - HP-35780-13700        FF57T
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