Seago Liferaft Servicing

Seago Liferaft Servicing

Seago Yachting Ltd Liferaft Servicing Discount

The purchase of Seago Liferafts from April 1st 2016, both GX and ISO qualify for the progressive discounted liferaft servicing, providing customers adhere to the terms & conditions.

1st Service - 3 Year Service  50-00 Discount

2nd Service - 6 Year Service  65-00 Discount

3rd Service - 9 Year Service  75-00 Discount

Coded Vessels on annual servicing  25% Discount

Fast Track Servicing

Seago Yachting Ltd offer a fast track servicing so that you can have your liferaft serviced within 72 hours (3 working days) for an additional 39.99 inc Vat

The importance of registering your Seago Liferaft

  Without registration of your liferaft your extended 11 year warranty is no longer valid, 1st year is valid at point of purchase. Total warranty available is 12 years upon registration and following of the service schedule.

  Seago Yachting Ltd will securely maintain customer details and have traceability of your liferaft in the event that we are contacted by the MCA, RNLI or any other emergency services. This information can also prevent the very costly false alarm search and rescue incidents that occur because the customer details are not known.

Why service your liferaft and what happens during a service

  Your Seago liferaft is a technical piece of lifesaving equipment and should be treated accordingly. This requires strict adherence to the servicing schedule set out.

We ensure the subsequent safety checks and all aspects of your equipment adhere to the high standard it is manufactured to.

  75 Point inspection ensures everything is checked when your liferaft is serviced by an approved Seago service station.

  4 Point inflation, overpressure and relief valve test.

  Verification of consumables and expiry date checks.

  Firing head inspection and hemetic seal to ensure no salt water has entered the liferaft. Salt water ingress increases the rate of corrosion and must be checked for at every inspection.

  Damage inspection in the event that the liferaft has incurred an impact. If you purchase a liferaft second hand, for your own piece of mind it should be inspected and serviced by an approved Seago service agent.

Terms & Conditions

To qualify for the discounted liferaft servicing scheme the new Seago liferaft must be registered with Seago Yachting Ltd within 1 month of purchase either on the website or by post. The liferaft must be also be serviced by Seago Yachting Ltd, Deanland Business Park, Golden Cross, East Sussex, BN27 3RP. The liferaft must be serviced according to the schedule specified and serviced within the same month of registration at the correct intervals. The discount is applied to the price of servicing that Seago Yachting charge for that year. Seago Yachting Ltd reserve the right to withdraw the discount if the T&Cs are not adhered to




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