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Choosing the right compass

A compass is your boat's first, most basic and most essential aid to navigation. Invest in a good one. Anything less is a false economy.

Fitted for over 50 years as standard equipment in working and leisure boats world-wide, RULE compasses are designed and built for reliability in foul weather and rough seas, day and night. They can be useful in land vehicles, too.

The compass must be...

  • sensitive enough to respond accurately to the weak force of the earth's magnetic field
  • accurate and easy to read under all sea conditions
  • protected from the sea, the weather and accidental damage
  • easily removable, if necessary, for safe storage

Where to locate your compass

Under the influence of the earth's magnetic field, the compass should always point to magnetic north, whatever the boat's heading or momentary attitude. Few boats, however, are free from stray magnetic fields that can deflect the compass. Mount it as far as possible from iron and steel objects. Keep it away from radar, radio components, electrical instruments and electrical devices of any kind - fixed or portable. These precautions will help to make compass adjustment simple and reliable, and to avoid accidentally causing compass errors at sea.


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